Sample Project :)

Sample Project :) - student project

Hi everyone! Just wanted to post a sample project here so you can get some ideas of what to share. Looks like others have already beat me to it, their projects are fantastic and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :D

Selected Photo:

- Chose this photo for the beautiful water color but also the scene layers and disappearing bend, definitely something to play with there.

Edited Photo:

- Edited with VSCO app, turned up cyan/blue hues.

Final Drawing!


-  I drew the full character first and masked out the parts that disappear around the bends, to make it feel more real. 

- I kept the messy sketch layer but with a low opacity to add visual interest and texture.

- I added shadow and highlight to the character and then used Multiply and Opacity changes to make it feel more a part of the image.

- I tried several different styles for the creature's spikes/spine, each on a new layer. When I finally had one I liked, I merged it.

Hope you like! Please share yours, I love seeing the projects :D

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