Sample Project - a different take on the framework

Sample Project - a different take on the framework - student project

Hi everyone!

This is a sample project of another way to use the framework.  I have had people asking about this mandala so I thought I would use it as my sample project  Below are the pictures that document the progress of this particular mandala using the techniques set out in the class.

First I set out the Framework as we did in class

Then I started adding in lines to divide up some sections and turned the center pieces into petals with rounded tops

I added circles around my rings and put flowers into my lower section of the petals putting four petals into each half section

I divided the 3rd ring in half sections and put 3 petals into each section that mirrored the ones in the second half of the section.  I added swirlys around the outer rind.  I also added diagonal lines that mirrored each other inside the petal sections.

I added a few outlines and put petals into the top sections of the Large petal sections.  I added a bunch of circles to fill in the second ring.  

And this is what I came up with.

Share your project with us and show us what you have done with your mandala masterpiece! :)


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