Sample Project: Thank You Card

Sample Project: Thank You Card - student project

Without the Skillshare platform & team, you would not be looking at this class. So, it seemed appropriate to make them a thank you card for the sample project! 

First step: write the words quickly on translucent bleedproof marker paper, using guidelines from the class worksheets. 

Second step: arrange the words; looking for a visual relationship between the words. The words did not stack nicely. But if "thank you" was on one line, it was very close to "Skillshare" in length, which I knew would make a compact, clean layout.  I'll  just need to watch ascenders and descenders, to make sure I have room for both, and that they weren't colliding. The "k", "Y" and "h" all wanted to be in the same spot! This was my main issue – but each set of words will come it with it's own spacing challenges. 

Once your spacing is worked out, write the words on the cardstock, taking care to improve your letterspacing.  I used a light table so I could see my guidelines.

Now that I see it in photos – the spacing around the "k" is a bit tight, so I'll probably do this one more time before sending the card off. It's amazing what you see when you view your work in photos, or from a distance. Stay tuned for final version. But I'm very happy with the overall effect.

Calligrapher & Designer