Sample Project Hamsa Hand

Sample Project Hamsa Hand - student project

Project Description

For your class project you will paint your very own version of a Hamsa Hand.

Feel free to use the templates that are available for download in the "resources" section but make sure to paint in your own personal style.


As a teacher, the most important thing for me is that you observe the method, but come up with something unique of your own. Use the templetes, modify them, explore your style, color palette and general concept of the painting.

I consider this class to be rather advanced, if you need help with basic watercolor techniques, color palettes, layering and building skills in general, I suggest you take a look at all my other classes here: 

This class is meant to inspire you to create unique art of your own, while having a peek into my painting process. Hopefully there will be some good technique nuggets for you! I'm not expecting you to copy the exact same painting I made, in fact, my favorite part is seeing something totally new and different from you.

Here are more examples I've painted of Hamsa Hands using this same method:



*NOTE* I used the tracing techniques with templates for these drawings because I painted them as examples for the Morocco workshop so students could see the project in real life before doing their own. For my personal artwork I draw freehand. 

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