SOL-SOL - student project

Yo guys, glad to see all the usual faces here!

First up shout out to Jeff, the staple team, the skillshare team and all the top ten fromt he last class that shit was amazing! One of the raddest days ever man...

So good to meet all of you, but now im out for blood yo, I want that spot in REED SPACE!!! hahahaha!

Have styled our lookbook same as the first time, and keen to keep this throughout all our range, im a fan of the clean magazinesque layout - feelin it?

We are also having our official lookbook shot on location in and around Hong Kong by Hypebeast social manager and photgrapher Silas Lee, look out for that should be dope! UPDATE here is a little sneak peak on that lookbook being shot... cant wait for the rest of these!!

Ive also cut down the range from last time for two reasons.

One is its the first proper range im doing with serious units behind each product, and thought I'd rather keep small and simple and not over extend my resources.

Secondly Ive had issues with some suppliers namely my shirt guy, hes playing up on the units I want to do, so im not sitting around and waiting im going ahead with this range which im pumped on. Shirts will have to come back next time.

So I have stuck with my principle of good basics, nice and clean, and have kept to quite a different, muted colour palette and believe each piece suits the next.

At the moment from we have. (from the head down)

5 panels - 4 different colours, muted colour pallete

beanies - 4 different colours, muted colour pallete

Buckets - 3 different colours

Fishtail Parka - black with marroon polka dot lining

Baisc Tees - 4 different designs each in black and white.

Crew neck sweater - Grey melange

Slim Chino - khaki

Short - rust

Line sheet

Some promotional stuff bombed around the Lower East Side

Business cards, always feel like im in that scene form America Psycho when I wip these out haha..

Swingtags - with white area above for price stickers/barcode - reverse is the logo.

Also some rad rad news SOL-SOL are in our first store, we are in LOADING CREW, they are based in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Its exactly where I want to be, I have my product lined up next to the likes of HUF, ONLY NYC, BELIEF and MISHKA to name a few. Stuff is selling quick. And im very damn stoked! Next stop Reed space!


For anyone who is keen our online store is finally up and updated website will be done shortly - can't wait! Coming from South Africa, shipping is a little pricier than the norm, but its 3-4 days and to your door, and the more you buy the better the shipping cost becomes, so maybe a purchase with friends is better.. please have a look - any feedback as always is appreciated.