SAMPLE PROJECT - student project

Hello beloved students :)

I am posting this sample project as an example of what I would  like you to upload.

First off, please show us your negative space exercise:

I would also like to see your masking fluid practice activity. Feel free to share what your impressions on masking fluid are, and what your experience was like.

Also show us your white ink activity:

Next, post your practice with clouds!

And now for the FINAL PROJECT! Please explain which technique and medium you used and why. Tell us what your thought process was and which layers you decided to paint in which order.

In my project, I started by painting the yellow stars and masking them. Then I proceeded to do the negative space around the lettering while my stars dried. After finishing the sky, I began to paint my watercolour layer of the clouds, finished off by my white paint. 

  Looking forward to seeing your awesome creations!



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