SAMPLE PROJECT  - student project

Hi everyone! Here is my example of my 3 pieces for the class assignment. You don't have to upload these all at once, you can add images as you go along, and I can give you feedback along the way. You may upload pictures or scanned images of your watercolor creations. I will explain a little about each image and what I am looking for. 

This is the first activity you will show me. It is the monochrome activity, where I will evaluate your use of transparencies (using only one color) and your pulse and precision control- you will use what you've learned in the beginning stages of the class.

Remember: transparencies is the most important lesson in watercolor! This can be a simple drawing, but it is important I see that you've got this down!

The second image you will show me is of your jellyfish. Here I will evaluate your level of creativity and experimentation, you will apply what you learned in Experimental Watercolor, as well as some pulse and precision practice. The jellyfish activity is a little taste of what's to come in your final class project: Painting a Galaxy!

This is you FINAL CLASS PROJECT! Upload a picture or scanned image of your galaxy or universe project. Feel free to get creative here. I love seeing how everyone applies this texture in different ways. 

You can paint a basic watercolor galaxy texture as a backdrop, like I did in the video, or you can get creative and think up of fun ways to apply this texture. Here are some examples of what past students have come up with:

Here are a couple of variations I've come up with:

The possibilities are endless! I can't wait to see what you come up with!



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