(SAMPLE PROJECT) Lord of The Flies

(SAMPLE PROJECT) Lord of The Flies - student project

For my project, I have decided to adapt a scene from Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. It's a scene from the first chapter of the book, when Piggy and Ralph, two kids lost on an island, find a mysterious conch.

I started by doing a little brainstorming session for my comic:

Here I got a basic design for the characters, plus a couple of particular things I wanted to have in the comic - I knew I wanted to focus on the conch, and on Piggy's excessive chitchat, which I copied 99% verbatim from the book. 

Once I had that, I moved on to my comic thumbnails:

I already had a clear idea of what I wanted for most pages, so they didn't take many tries to get right. The last page was the hardest one to get right, so I had to do some changes here and there until I got a composition I liked. I never really settled with how to draw the conch at the end of the first page, so I ended up deciding that by the time I was sketching the pages.

And here's my final pages!!

I did all of the inks and lettering on paper, then scanned it and filled in the grey areas digitally.

Comic Artist / Astronomy graduate