SAMPLE PROJECT - 100 Suns - student project

This is a sample project showing you what you could upload into the project gallery. Please share as much as you can and help encourage all the other students to reach the magic 100!!


FIRST STEP - Get started

The best way to complete this project is to make a start - so grab a pen or pencil or some markers straight away and just quickly draw your first 5 solutions. They don't have to be works of art... just make that start! Photograph or scan them in and upload... these first few literally took less than a minute each and some could be developed further into the project. I could see some of these initial sketches working as logos for potential companies for example.  

Congratulations you are 5% on your way to completing the project!! 



Now start trying some of the techniques suggested in the class to get some more ideas flowing. Post up your brainstorming and moodboards. 

Did these lead to more ideas... post them up! 


STEP 3 Quick creativity

Try some of the fun quick ideas for being more creative. Did you listen to 5 different types of music? Show us your mistakes... 


STEP 4 Mark making

Use other forms of marking making... show us some of the solutions you came up using food, photography, typography etc


STEP 5 - set yourself challenges

If you are still needing that extra push to read the magic 100 try completing some of these incorporating your chosen object. Breaking it down into 10s is a lot less daunting than 100! 

10 logos

10 greeting card designs

10 poster designs

10 typographic quotes 

10 illustrations

Keep us updated with your progress!! Have fun! 

Here's my 100 suns project from 19 years ago!! it's a little dated and was way before the days I owned a nice apple mac and knew what I was doing with it! haha

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