RE-discovering my brushes

RE-discovering my brushes - student project


just a quick one to share my papers and brush marks. My "collection" may be weird, but it is a mixture of old purchasings (before even considering watercolors) and some more recent when i got inspired by some great artists I "spy" on Instagram !!

As you can see , i even sampled these refilling pens than are be so convenient when travelling to add a splash of color on sketchs

The one I use the most is this round/pointd brush from Dalbe that you can see above the sheet of paper.

Below are the sampling of a collection of flat brushes I also had for other crafts. But playing with them, I realized that they can make nice starter for ribbons.

Thanks for this opportunity to discover what I have in my wallet. First consequence is that i cut the point of the cheapest one (Manet, made in nylon) to see i f I could use it for something, but they will probably leave the pouch and join kids carafting stuff.

Second consequence: I look look  for the Dilberts !!