R2D2's Tragic Trip and The Jump

R2D2's Tragic Trip and The Jump - student project

Awesome Class Christine!

Ok, so I had this idea before I could think of a childhood story, so I had to draw it out. (I will still do a childhood story as well).

R2D2's Tragic Trip

After seeing the Star Wars Force Awakens trailer for the 3,000th time I figured I would tell R2D2's story to why "Luke's" (This is the assumption the inter-webs are saying) mechanical hand is consoling him. Because R2 talks in beeps and boops I only used people words in the sound effects.

Spoiler Alert

Don't kill me if this is what really happens in the movie, lol.


I started by making some tiny thumbnails to layout the story. I knew I wanted the panels to go from 3, 2, and 1 for a nice flow of the story.


After finishing my layout it was time for the sketching to begin. I knew that I wanted to start with an establishing shot to let the viewer know that R2 was on some kind of rocky planet. Next I introduced our viewer to R2 enjoying his "Droid Gulp" (as one droid does). I needed to create some conflict, and what is more scary to a rolling droid than a bump in the road. Now this is where the tragidy strikes. We see as R2 has to watch helplessly while his favorite driod beverage crashes to the ground in our climax. Once we have seen such a horrible act, we are consoled by a hand on the head in our resolution.


I used photoshop for my inking, just because that is where I am most comfortable.

Color and Finish!

The Jump

After having fun with R2, it is now time to do my childhood story.

The story that came to mind first was the many times that I would make bike ramps in front of my house and how, most of the time, it would end badly.

Because I showed my process in the R2 story, I will go ahead and just post the final comic. Enjoy!

And there we have it!

Hope y'all like it!

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