Put Your Pinky Rings Up to the Moon

Put Your Pinky Rings Up to the Moon - student project

Day 1

So 24K Magic has been constantly stuck in my head these days, so I thought I would use this lyric as my daily sentence. My New Year's res is to get into a consistent calligraphy practice, so this workshop is a great beginning for me. I took the Intro class several months ago, and it was a great beginning class for me. Over the next several months I'd like to build my supplies and skills and take the other few classes. I have a long way to go, but these are my first exercise sheets for the workshop.

Day 2

I used some really crummy paper for today's practice. It's some graph paper I had that I thought would be good, but it bled really bad. For my sentence, I switched to some layout bond I had.

Day 3

Day 5

Day 6

So I misread the directions, and I started to write the words as opposed to the same word, but below that line, I repeated the same word.

Day 7

My first attempt at doing anything with flourishing... which terrifies me. It's far from perfect, but it is a start.