Pups and Flowers

Pups and Flowers - student project
  1. Teddy Bears- puppies, kittens
  2. Small flowers and leaves
  3. Limited color palette - 5 colors - red, yellow, dusty blue, light brown, cream background
  4. Muted tones
  5. Opposite repeats
  6. Simple designs
  7. Cute 
  8. Gender neutral
  9. Baby or young child
  10. Calming

I like the way the bears are balanced in the pattern, with the simple florals adding a feeling of movement. That is what I was going for in my Pups and Flowers pattern. The actual pattern is a square, with the images on the top also appearing on the bottom. 


Pups and Flowers - image 1 - student projectPups and Flowers - image 2 - student projectPups and Flowers - image 3 - student project