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Hi again, Siobahn! It was great taking another one of your courses! I really enjoyed this one in particular. I cant help but feel, however, that I should have looked at this one first, before attempting your concept landscape course I took previously. Nevertheless I'm walking away with a better understanding of art and the creative process.

For the bird, I feel mine was better than I had hoped for. I did had some difficulties though. The texture on the birds chest proved a difficult for me. Thinking about texture alongside color and the lighting is a challenge! I like the overall shape and proportions of my bird, that just goes to show how important that initial sketch is. Also, I like that eraser technique you demonstrated, and I found myself using it rather quickly in other projects.

The landscape was difficult. I strayed away from the techniques you demonstrated in this class, and used techniques you taught in the concept landscape class. I made a value sketch, and painted over each piece with clipping masks.

I feel my sky could be more interesting. I was working with a reference photo, and I just couldn't get the clouds right! Clouds are definitely something I want to improve on.

The background mountains I feel are okay. I had some trouble getting the sense of scale between the layers, so I made the highlighted faces smaller the further the mountains go back, but in doing so the faces look uniform and artificial. But the sense of light and shape is definitely there!

I had some trouble with ground texture, it seemed so blank so I added those rocks you see, but it seems these few rocks are the only ones to exist, I was going for the impression that there were scattered rocks going all the way towards the horizon.

Overall I am proud of this piece, it for sure taught me a whole lot, and it being one of my first, I know I have a long journey ahead of me. Thanks again, Siobhan!

Projects - image 1 - student project

Projects - image 2 - student project