Presentation Deck - Made by Duh

Presentation Deck - Made by Duh - student project

I was in dire need of this class and I am so happy that I sat down, took notes, created 'templates' for my process and am looking forward to applying them to my design and illustration practice.


Although I am a full-time graphic designer at a local non-profit and work with some fantastic people, I feel as if I am missing out on a lot of important information as far as process, expectations and, in the only way I understand it, how to be PROFESSIONALLY-AUTHENTICALLY-MYSELF.

Skills such as how to communicate well and articulate your goals with clients while still remaining soft and warm... you know, like a human and not a design/content robot. How to remain flexible within a project while also setting boundaries. Being able to have those awkward conversations and talk about money confidently without selling myself short. These are some of the points that took from this class and will probably continually revisit and grow from in the future.

I feel like I have a long way to go as far as figuring out my method, lingo and pace, but this has been a huge step in the right direction (slowly chipping away at that good 'ol imposter syndrome).


I have created a Presentation Deck template that at the moment I feel pretty good about. I like the idea of using something like this to pitch ideas as it lends to a more competent and well thought out project (whether it is or not).

I am working on developing a more thought out Pitch Email as well, but feel a little less confident about how/what to write in that tool. I don't feel like I know what I am talking about 90% of the time, so when it comes to explaining what the client should expect from me and what that cost should be, it all seems fraudulent. BUT! I understand that this is something that I will need to work on and massage out, otherwise it will continue to be a tough spot for me.



I have taken notice of the Will's email as well as gone to Jessica Hische's Client Email resource that is listed in the class notes to gather a pretty solid idea of what my email will look like. Since most of my side work are small projects for friends, I have taken Jessica's response and tweaked it to my general needs.

Ooo man, that needs some work. But until a new opportunity comes along for me to really dial in on what that really looks like, this will do for now.

Thanks again, Will! This was awesome! 

Illustrator + Designer