Playing with blend modes

Playing with blend modes - student project

Great class explaining what the blend modes are actually doing in Procreate, understand so much more now how to try and get the effect I want rather than just blindly trying them all and hoping one gives a nice effect (which was my previous strategy!) Thank you so much for explaining the technical aspects behind what is happening so clearly Lettie, the examples are so helpful. It’s a lot of information to take in and this is my second time revisiting this class but it’s a great resource and I will revisit it again I am sure - some things just take a little more time to sink in and this is definitely one of those topics but the power behind these effects is worth the perseverance.

Had a little play with a previous sketch I made. Nothing fancy but just wanted to add a colourful effect and contain it to the drawing so used colour burn and then reduced its opacity to soften the effect. Was nice to understand what it was doing and why I got the result I did.


Original sketch
Playing with blend modes - image 1 - student project




Layer of colour

Playing with blend modes - image 2 - student project



Layers together with normal blend mode

Playing with blend modes - image 3 - student project


Blended result using colour burn

Playing with blend modes - image 4 - student project


Like I said, lots more to learn and play with before I master these modes but thank you for the brilliant class Lettie, such a great starting point for exploring these tools and the power pasked into Procreate x