Playing with Color

Playing with Color - student project

Yup, I'm a color geek. Unfortunately I love buying, testing and comparing colors more than actually using them so I am trying to play different color games.

One of these games is to take 3 primaries, see how they mix and paint something with them.

Or choose one color and use it in every painting until I empty the pan so I can have a reason to buy more or buy a refill tube or same color from a different brand.

Playing with Color - image 1 - student project

I have this huge 52 Holbein color collection so making a color chart is not that easy (but i will do it one day). However I sometimes take one color, mix it with other colors, then try to paint something with the mixes I like. I find that when looking back it helps me more than having just color swatches.

Playing with Color - image 2 - student project


Playing with Color - image 3 - student project

Comparing the same color from different brands. I know I should rather concentrate on painting with them. I used to paint great pictures with 12 colors from a national cheap brand. When people ask me for advice I tell them to get a set of 24, max 36 White Nights set and that is all they need in this life, but I do not follow my own advice.

Playing with Color - image 4 - student project

Meda Halmaciu

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