Pet & Self Portrait Sample

Pet & Self Portrait Sample - student project

To preface this post, I don't expect any of you to do more than one portrait, I just decided to do 2 different ones for fun!

Original Photo Reference:

After about 20 minutes of trying to get my cat to stay still, I finally got a good photo of her! Damn pets, they never stop moving!

Rough Sketch:

When I created this rough sketch I wasn't sure how much of the detail I'd keep from the sketch. But I that way I had it mapped out a bit. Also, as you can see, I only drew half and then mirrored it as I knew my final illustration would be symetrical.

Final Illustration:

As anyone who has a cat knows (and most who don't) cat's think they are princesses. So the tiara seemed pretty fitting. In this illustration I used both the Color Halftone method and the Phantasm Halftone plug-in to get the results you see. Let me know what you think!


I was going to post this one as a second project but I guess Skillshare only let's you post one! So anyway, here is my reference photo with as big of a smile as I can! Haha.

Rough Sketch:

I knew the look I was going for on this one so I went straight to my computer for the sketch. This one is with the pen tool so it's not really "rough", but it gets the job done!

Final Illustration:

Here is the final illustration. I wanted a little more of a simplistic illustration as the cat one was a bit complicated.

That's it!

This post gives you a rough idea of how I'd like to see you layout your posts. But it is just a general guideline. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

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