Perfect strangers

Perfect strangers - student project

     It all started with a divorce and a bottle of whiskey when a good girl walk in. Jordan swore of women convinced they were nothing, but trouble denying his own desires. Being a gentleman was no easy task, and she gave him permission to hold nothing back. She was the distraction that let him be the man that he had been denying. All cards laid out, ready to play.




      With one bottle of Whiskey down the windpipe, with a cigar in hand, and no fucks to give. Jordan was finally a free man. He signed divorce papers.

Now it was time to celebrate that the ball and chain from hell was gone.

  Drumming his fingers across the bar looking around like it has become his new home. Promising himself to never deal with another good girl again. They aren't worth the headache.

  He paid no attention to those around him. They were just noises distracting

him from the reality of life. He felt the dagger in his chest digging a little deeper with every passing second.

With each wince of pain his mind would feel the need to contemplate how his life was turning out. He hit the bar signaling the bartender for another drink just so he could drown his sorrows.

  The bartender smiled at him and said, "Enjoy it while it lasts, you'll get bored; give it time." The bartender noticed heartbreak when he saw it.

Part of his job is reading people and recognizing behavior. Tonight, Jordan didn't care for his opinion.

  Rolling his eyes and thinking to himself, you don't know how much I'm looking forward to peace. Time was slipping by faster than he cared to notice.

It was the last call and he didn't have a home to go to. He slapped his tip down on the bar. He was not in a good place and felt being a good man had let him down.

  He began rambling random thoughts he didn't intend to say out loud, but he had no filter to keep his feelings hidden. Jordan began to mutter, "Nothing last forever, not even a good drink. Alcohol is no different than women. They want a stiff one and that's it."

“Sometimes when things end it is only the beginning.” It was all over Jordan’s face of everything that he was feeling. He didn’t know how to reply. He knew the bartender was trying to help.

It was there job to serve and be a therapist to the ones buying drinks. “ Maybe, but that doesn’t make starting over any easier.” The bartender nodded his head, but then gave another perspective.

“You’re right, but the beauty of it, is walking a away and creating whatever the hell you want. Now you know what not to do, and you learn more about what you don’t want. Sit on that for a bit, while I go get you a cab.

He was right, this didn’t have to be a bad thing, but it’s time that you can’t get back.

  The bartender arranged for a cab to pick him up, but Jordan had no direction to give and no plan. He had the money and told the driver to pick a hotel for the night. He didn't give a damn and was not picky at this point.

His head began to spin as he dozed off. Nothing was making sense anymore. His one realization was how he suppressed his own needs, and wants just to make another person happy who didn’t even appreciate him.

He escaped into a dream trying to remember his own needs, and what it would be like to let go, and instead of always being a man handling business, be one that allowed his urges to explore.

He always did everything to please his soon to ex wife. It was always about her wants, and she was a pillow princess.

It’s not like she ever put forth the effort for Jordan to have a release. Kind of ironic he stayed faithful and she cheated. Stating that she was unfulfilled. His mind was everywhere, and suddenly images of escaping into a fantasy started to emerge. 

  Everything looked like a blur, and he felt like he was floating on air. He heard the door open or at least he thought that he did.

Picturing a woman that had a desire for him, not because he was needed, but because she wanted him.

What it could feel like for someone to take advantage of him in the most delicious of ways. He hadn’t felt a women like that for many years.

Feeling the straddle of legs wrap around him and the only thing that was conscience was his cock. He had no idea where he was or if he was in a dream imagining the sensation of feeling a woman who wanted the touch of a man.

That's when it hit him, the feeling of being hungover. He didn’t know how long he had been out for, but it must have been for awhile.

He didn’t remember walking into the hotel, the thing he could recall was the bar, and having a drink in hand. He knew he was not in a dream any longer. Waking up in the lobby of a hotel was bad enough.

His sleep was disturbed by an employee who said that he could get a room but couldn't sleep in the lobby any longer. He was trying to move and regain the ability to feel his feet again.

Luckily, that bartender took good care of him and helped find his wallet inside his jacket. He pulled his card out and handed it to the bellhop.

That was all he could accomplish as he attempted to stand, feeling like he had been hit by a truck and wondering how the fuck he is still alive. “ I have your key, you’ll be on the second floor, do you need help with your bags, or do you have any?

Ignoring the smell associated with the man surprised that the card had gone through handing him his key to the room. “I don’t, is there a place that I could pick up a few things?” He knew how he looked, and it probably matched the way that he felt.

“Yes, there is a shopping mall just up the street.” He did that, before going to his room. He needed to freshen up after a rough night, and he refused to go back to get some of his things. It was better to get new. 

He thanked the bellhop and headed out the door. Realizing that drinking was not a great idea when he was trying to start over. He got a few necessities and some clean clothes, and wanted a clean shower.

The room was nice but before he closed the door, he saw the most gorgeous creature across the hall. He shook his head with the thought that pussy is nothing but trouble.

The girl across the hall licked her lips and didn't hide the fact that even with him being a disaster she would even give him a second glance. 

Right now he didn’t need to pay attention to a pretty woman, he ignored the gestures with her eyes, trying to be cute, and went inside closing the door behind him. He knew if he spoke to her, that I might find some unnecessary trouble.

He threw his clothes down on the bed and got in the shower.  The sound of the water was refreshing, hitting his face trying to feel human again. He was never very good at going through his emotions.

He struggled to understand how he gave a good life to a woman and it was still not enough. 

Twenty years he wasted with someone who never bothered to give him what he needed. He lost track of the time as the shower felt amazing after a rough night.

He couldn't live in a hotel forever, but Chicago was feeling stagnant to him. He didn't know where he would go but he couldn't be here any longer. Years, he had worked in sales and was great at it, but even that no longer piqued his interest. 

As his hangover started to lighten the grip, his mind was spinning out of control with ideas. Sipping on a Bloody Mary he had ordered to his room kicking back in his own peace for a change.

He didn't want to stay in the room, after he had regrouped, he got dressed, and put some cologne on. He didn't need to wallow.

He wanted to learn how to enjoy himself again. He wasn't looking for trouble but he was also going to keep an open mind.

Getting into the elevator he saw the woman who wasn't shy about making eye contact from earlier that he avoided successfully. The neighbor gave him a wink noticing him. 

"What's your name?" She looked like she had a date, or someplace to be. They say a devil will always wear red. She was in a spaghetti strap dress, black pumps, and stockings to match. You can bet that she has some sexy garters on.

"I'm Vanessa, you look like you have freshened up a bit. Did you have a wild night?”

 He was guilty of curiosity but he was going to remain a gentleman despite his urges for a gorgeous woman. It's no lie a sexy woman is an ultimate distraction that he didn't notice her question. 

"Oh, I'm sorry I was distracted thinking about something. It was a little bit of a rollercoaster. I'm heading to the restaurant for dinner, and you look like you have plans.” 

The elevator had stopped, and she stepped out on the same floor as he was.

"I'm heading to dinner and have no plans. I'm just treating myself."

She was trying to get attention, she was on the hunt for something. No woman goes out to dinner by herself looking that good, she has a motivation.

"Well, maybe I'll see you at dinner."

Jordan stepped outside to take a phone call before heading into the restaurant. It was the lawyer for his divorce and the demands his ex wanted. He didn't care. He told the attorney to give her what she wants, he just wanted his freedom. 

He noticed the woman from the elevator at the bar alone, he took a table instead she was beautiful, but he didn't need the company. He prompted the waiter after being seated that he'd like a drink, not that he needed another.

The waiter returned stating that the lady at the bar had already ordered him a drink. She sent him a crown and coke, but he declined it. Thats not what he wanted.

"Tell her, thank you, but no thank you." 

He ordered his meal, watching her strut over his way. She wanted something and seemed persistent. Thinking to himself it never fails how stubborn a woman can be. She paused at his table leaning over, with her breast in front of him, with a playful smile on her face.

"Why did you decline my drink? We could have had dinner together and enjoyed each other's company." 

Jordan took a big sigh and decided to be straight with her, readjusting for the appropriate response. "What exactly it is you want? Do you always try to have dinner with strange men? I don't mean to be rude, but you don't seem like a woman that would be here by herself." 

She took a seat and decided to share her story. She had been played by a guy who made her a lot of promises. It cost her a home and even a career. She expressed that she was looking for a little fun, but nothing in particular, and that she noticed he was alone too.

“Why the interest in me? You can’t tell me that you can’t get any man’s attention.” She stirred her drink, and took her time giving a response to him. “You’re right, but the guys who chase me, will chase any girl.”

Jordan stared at his glass, knowing his better conscience is telling him that she is begging for trouble. It never fails the more quiet a man is the more they attract. He knew that he needed to focus starting his life over again.

But he would be a liar if he tried to deny the fact she was very attractive. They say if it’s too good to be true it must be, she wanted something. “That doesn’t explain why you decided to approach me.”

She crosses her legs, and leans into him, she was after attention and she was going to get it. “You didn’t make any typical guy comments, and I wasn’t going to approach you, but you seemed like a gentleman.

That’s why I bought you a drink. That’s why I decided to engage in a conversation with you.”

She explained what had brought her to the hotel, and she didn’t seem like she had anyone to talk to. He allowed her to continue talking, waiting for the catch it was only a matter of time.

She wasn’t from around here.

"I can understand that, are you visiting here, or what's your plan?" She smiled at him and seem thrilled to have a conversation with someone. 

"I just moved here from California, I've been living here until I find a home and this is convenient for now." He was still set on the fact all women are trouble, especially pretty ones who play innocent, but he'd indulge her.

He invited her to stay if she had not eaten yet. She wasn’t going to let him escape without sharing his details. Jordan signed, and she could tell he didn’t want to share. “ I’m going through a divorce. “ He noticed the clock when his alarm went off.

The time had got away from him with an unexpected conversation and a good meal. He had to focus on his next direction and remind himself that he had to start over after being with a blood-sucking woman who was greedy. 

Time was of the essence, and he’d thanked her for the company and paid for dinner. She was very nice to be around and very smart. But again he needed to keep his blood rushing in the right direction and not let his urges get in the way of his common sense. She stayed at the restaurant and he headed to the room. 

The one place he could possibly think without a distraction. Everything was getting to him, the way the clock would tick, and how the noise from the hallway would make his focus hard. Waiting for his phone to ring with more bad news. Thinking about that red dress had his focus off. He had to decide if he would just give up everything or fight for anything in his marriage. 

Part of him felt he should just let go, but on the other hand he didn’t want to fight. He wanted it to be over with. His mind was getting lost, and he wanted to fantasize about that woman in a red dress.

It was difficult to ignore when you are reminded of needs you haven't had in a long time.

Three hours later and he still didn't have any plans worked out. She had his imagination running rapidly, and he knew she wanted to be invited upstairs, but it would have been wrong. He gave up for the evening and ordered some room service, and started to look for a movie.

Assuming it was the room service for the evening he open the door, he didn't care that he was in his boxers and shirt. It would only be a perk if it was the maid dropping off towels for the evening. One of his many thrills was making a stranger blush at the unexpectedly.

There she was a blue-eyed beauty, with fair skin, hair past her hips, with a luscious look of sin in her eyes.  It was his neighbor from dinner, he thought to himself that she didn't want to exercise self-control if she had the audacity to knock on his door. She had a motive.

“I'm sorry to disturb you, but I enjoyed our conversation downstairs, and I didn't have anything to do. I couldn't sleep. I hope you don't mind." 

He knew if he let her in, his self-control stood no chance, but her eyes had this begging look of please fuck me. She wasn't making this easy for him to stay a gentleman, and he didn't want to be one either. Her eyes wander down as she waited on a response from him. 

"Sure come in would you like a drink?" 

He didn't need it, but he had a mini bar going to waste. Before he makes drastic measures there was no harm in having a little bit of fun. She waltzes in asking him what he has to offer. “What’s your poison?” Licking her lips, as her bottom lip curled with a bite.

“What are my choices, and what would you pick for me?” She was getting a feel for him, and she wanted to let him control this choice.

Staring at his boys, whiskey, jack, and scotch he got the ice for the glass and presented it to her. “It should always be a ladies choice how strong do you like it, is the better question I think.”

We could play this game, but I don’t think it’s a drink that you want is it?” This wasn't her first time being bold when she wanted something and she played the game of being coy, thinking she could play that innocent act and it would work. She wasn’t expecting him to call her out on her bullshit.

Her eyes were the only explanation that was needed. “What makes you think I have a motive here. Maybe I enjoy your brief company earlier.”

He smiled at her, and he knew that she wasn’t good at hiding anything, her nipples were giving her away as they were hard enough to cut glass. “ What your mouth is speaking, and your body says are two different things, that’s why.”

Her charm wasn't needed in this case. He had frustrations allowing his boxers to drop, there was no hiding his desires. 

"What are you going to do if I can't be a gentleman having you in my room?" 

She paced in the room with his honest question with a smirk on her face. "I was convinced you were trying to make me beg for fun."

They were strangers looking for a distraction to forget the reality neither one of them wanted to face. Her eyes dropped her lips watering with a need to fill her mouth. 

"My only rule is don't be a good girl."

He knew he shouldn't be doing this, just a pretty little thing with needs, and was willing to be a service. But he would be gone by sunrise, and be nothing more than a fantasy to this blue-eyed girl. 

Feeling her essence as she dropped to her knees. Parting her lips, giving sweet kisses to his tip. Feeling his fingers slide into the strings of her hair, taking a handful of grip. Her mouth parted open with her luscious lips. Feeling the sensation of her puckered lips around his shaft as her tongue slipped around his cock. 

That stroking feeling he hadn't felt in years from a woman, she was hungry for his masculinity. He didn't want a quick fix he wanted something with a passion, that intimacy from a woman. But he couldn't stop her mouth. It felt like heaven watching her lips stroke him with such a need for a taste. He felt his veins popping, and the rush of adrenaline made him want to take her. 

Her back was perfectly arched, and her garters showed just enough, to make any man curious. It wasn't easy to make him cum, her mouth had become tired. Still a gentleman he didn't want to be too rough with her. He had pointed to the bed indicating that he wasn't done with her yet. 

The expression on her face was inquisitive. She wanted it and there was no hesitation in her eyes tonight. He had been that good man for too long, he needed this, no-strings-attached raw moment allowing his primal instincts to take charge. Her submission he needed; to devour the pleasure inside of her, at least for tonight. 

His fingers caressed her thighs, reaching inside her panties. They were filled with dripping wet aroma before he even got near her. Wrapping his arms around her thighs staring at her before his tongue took a dive into her pussy. 

Flicking his tongue, and acting like a man that hasn't been fed in years. Her luscious pink lips tasted delightful. Her back began to arch, and every time she moved he gripped her tighter.

She grabbed the sheets trying not to scream. He wouldn't let go once he had a taste. Her scent was infatuating the way she would spread her legs wider and the deeper he would go. The moment they met her pheromones were calling to him.  

Her legs wrapped around his shoulders. His hands caressed up her dress exposing her breasts. She liked it when he would tease her nipples, with that light sensation of touch. His cock was raging, but his conscience knew that he barely knew this woman. 

His face was drenched in her cum, and he took his hand and wiped his face. She thought she had done something wrong. 

"Why did you stop?" He didn't want to, but he had never played with a stranger before. 

"You're absolutely beautiful, and you taste delectable. But this is my only night here. You should know that this would only be for tonight." 

No expression on her face and and she was unsure how to respond. "Are you just trying to be a gentleman and clear your conscience? Because I don't care, I'm not looking for a relationship." She didn't wait for him to respond, straddling his lap she was looking to provoke him. 

His cock was still raging hard and he could feel the heat from her body. He took a grip of her hair, "my conscience is clear now, you don’t need to provoke me." She smiled licking her lips. 

"I think you want to be encouraged." She wasn't a good girl at all. She was a vixen looking to be fucked and a desire to beg for more.

A fist full of her hair, he had all the permission he needed to let go of every urge he had tried to fight. “You’re going to need to bite this.” 

Slipping her panties off, slapping her inner thighs, making her spread open. Giving him the view he desired. She started to whimper waiting anxiously for her reward after encouraging him. 

His fingers slid between her clit. Getting her warmed up just enough that he wouldn’t have to be gentle. She could feel the tip of his cock starting to enter, and he gripped her hair a little tighter.

He wanted this to go on till sunrise when he leaves her with a memory of a stranger that made her feel desired again. Relighting a spark of passion. 

He wanted to hear her scream through those panties, and her thighs to shake, where she’d lose control as she felt that burn inside of her. He was going to make her beg. Denying her his cock, she asked for this, he tries to remember. All the cards are on the table now. 

Sliding the cum from her pussy into her ass, wondering if she has had all three holes taken in one night. She mumbled with his finger slipping inside of her ass. She was into it pushing back. That ass was begging to be fucked, but not yet. He wanted her wild. 

Putting fingers inside both her holes, keeping one hand on the palm of her back. I’m not done with you yet. He counted each pump. “1, 2, 3, “don’t you cum yet.” 

Her body tensed up, his hand slid around to her breast. Thinking now this is a good girl. He removed his fingers from her holes. She was out of breath, removing her panties from her mouth, replacing them as he made her taste her cum, and gagged her seeing how deep she could really go. 

Keeping her bent over, time was slipping by, and his cock was harder then ever before. Her lips were swollen, but he wanted to slap those lips, just to see her response. 

She screams, and his hand was sticky. “Fuck!!!” She is a good girl every man’s fantasy. He took her hips without thinking, and didn’t care what hole found a home. His fat head went for the tightest one in her nice pretty asshole. Grabbing one arm around her stomach. 

He wanted to feel his cock deep inside of her. She was at her peak biting into that pillow with everything she had, feeling the burn of his hand spanking her freshly plum ass. “Be a good girl, and cum for daddy.” 

Those were the words that made her climax. Leaving her ass to gap as he pulled out, the mess they had made. They were strangers with fantasies that were untapped. That found comfort without the rules of what is right, and what is wrong.