Part2 - "Cooler"

Part2 - "Cooler"  - student project

I am a 22 year old engineer from a small town outside of Houston, TX. I've known my friend Part2 for several years now and we're some of the only people still really pushing music in my community. He's a really smart guy and a really talented artist and writer. So, when the time came to mix his new single, I was all in! The song was also mastered by Chris Gehringer from Sterling Sound in NY which is awesome!

I have a small bedroom studio in which I mix primarily. It is NOT perfect by any stretch. Sound leaks in from the windows, the AC adds noise and my fan only spins on the lowest speed and has an annoying hum (should probably fix that!). But I've adjusted and learned to make it work.


  1. Late 2013 15" MacBook Pro Retina
  2. UA Apollo Twin
  3. Yamaha NS10M Studio monitors
  4. Senheisser HD650 headphones
  5. Waves, FabFilter and other assorted plugs
  6. Glyph hard drives

I also got my hands dirty and created my own acoustic panels and placed them throught the room. My last room was basically a square so, the spaciousness is awesome in this room and the panels really helped tighten things up. 

I've been very humbled to have worked with some really cool artists lately. But despite the credits, there is nothing more rewarding to me than just mixing. Even when I feel like nothing is going right, I just keep mixing. It's guys like you Guru that truly inspire me and every young aspiring engineer. Not just for sharing tips and tricks, but for being truly passionate about audio and education. So again, thank you for the opportuniny to listen to my mix and all the great stuff you do for the engineering community.

P.S. If you'd like to know more about how I went about mixing this song, visit this link!