Paper Earrings

Paper Earrings - student project

Update!! 2020

Hi! I thought I'd update my project as I've made a lot of paper earrings since this class.

After doing the lemons, I played with other shapes.

I did a few really cool cut-out earrings for other people. I don't know if I have any images of them anywhere. One was a pair of butterflies and the other was a pair of pianos!

Did some more experimenting. If I used more layers, it helped keep my 140lb paper from buckling.

Then I used a paper punch to make a bunch of identical discs. I glued many layers together and then drilled a hole for the wire. These were maybe 10 layers? I do somewhere between 7 and 10 now.

Tried other shapes. These were jars of kimchi.

Little abstract earrings!

I still make these occasionally. They are so light and fun to wear. 

Very good introduction into making paper jewelry. Could easily make these into necklace charms. I coated them with several layers of Polycrylic and they are super durable.


What a fun project!

So, I work mostly in watercolor and ink, and I love to make illustrations, especially of food. So I thought I'd try some illustrated food earrings. Went with lemons because, why not?

I didn't have 300lb paper, so for the fronts I glued two pieces of 140lb together. If I do this project again, I will get some 300lb. It was tough to get the fronts and backs to lineup, and then to have two fronts to line up was kind of tricky. 

I did rush through these a little bit. Mostly out of excitement to see them finished. The wire I had on hand was a bit of a larger gauge that I would have liked. I had some smaller, but it was either copper or brass. Meh.

I think I can go more detailed with the watercolor next time. I just wanted to see what it would look like. I think it could even use a thicker ink outline for a more cartoony feel, which is kind of what I wanted.

I really like these as a project and as earrings. They are so light. I hate wearing dangly earrings because they pull on my lobes, but these are perfect. I have beads that I wanted to put on there as well, but my wire was too thick to accommodate. A little more planning next time, perhaps.

Thanks for this great class! It was the perfect project to shake up my usual routine and inject a little something crafty into my day.

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