Online interior design office

Online interior design office - student project


Idea to create online boutique and office aroused from great passion for architecture, design and desire to introduce the market with new view on designing process, innovative and quality products and unique solutions and designs.

I was born in Africa, city of Dakar… Africa… expanse… exploring freedoms… indirectly guided me in selection of my vocation and decisions I made.

I graduated on the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, Department of Architecture, and after completing studies, I worked at the Faculty of Architecture in the field of designing and work with students. I received numerous awards in competitions and I designed numerous interior designs for residential and commercial facilities.

Over the course of several years I though about what could I do better and do more for my clients... I gathered material, worked on implementing idea to modify designing process based on my experience in working with different clients. I had an idea to create online studio... my office, but not on wheels (although my friends would say it is not far from truth:)), but on the largest network in the world. I don’t like borders, separations, I like challenges; hence I had an idea to share my services with all of you, regardless of the country of your residence. I gathered a team with similar positions and we created a creative vase open for dialogue for all clients, associates and colleagues.

My web page is  ..

See you Online:)

This course was very inspiring, I learned a lot, thank you Mrs Brown:)

Jelena Capin