Not Quite So Healthy

Not Quite So Healthy - student project

I kept to the fancy amounts given in the video and had a great time with this recipe. 

The candy flavorings were purchased at Michael's craft store, but they are easily purchased at most grocery or Walmart stores


* 7 drops Raspberry candy flavouring and a pinch of ground Rosemary. 

* 1/2 tsp French Vanilla coffee creamer and sprinkled Graham Cracker Crumbs and Ground Roasted Hazelnuts overtop. 

This came out a little soft, but tasted great.

* 10 drops Caramel candy flavoring. I then poured it over a bowl of popcorn and sprinkled Sea Salt over it.

This original recipe was a little dark chocolatey for my personal taste, so the next batch I used Demerara Sugar instead of Honey and added a little extra sugar over the top. 

It was a bit crunchy but I loved it. Going to try candies, sprinkles and other things with this idea.

* 4 drops Strawberry candy flavoring, 4 drops banana candy flavoring and sprinkled the top with roasted sweetened coconut. Totally loved this!


What a fun base recipe to play with and any messes so far have been delicious. It is also great for getting kids involved in the kitchen.

Now I am thinking of creating larger batches to use in Poke Cakes because of how nicely it hardens up.

Thank you kindly for teaching this versatile obsession, uhhhmmm, recipe Ashlee!