Night Out Essentials

Night Out Essentials - student project

Here's the thing: I've seen so many cartoonish looking illustrations done with markers that I decided it's not my style and never picked one up. I never thought I would try markers but Barbel made such a great class project I just had to go for it and I am very happy I did! 

I did one illustration a day so this is the longest class project I worked on. Here's the final piece:

My markers are Spectrum Noir and just bought them so they have extra ink and blending was much harder than it should. Also, I bought them online and some colors didn't work together as expected either.  

I decided on a red theme mainly because I could only get few markers and I focused on neutrals and greys.  

I have a red leather shoe with soft highlights, a red lipstick with a textured golden tube, 2 pearl rings because I had to have some greens with my reds :), a leather clutch and compact powder with a puff. 

The monogram is just some stylish M for my name. 

 I used white gel pen for the highlights on the rings and container of the powder. 

To remove the background I used the pen tool, the result is very neat and clean so they can look good on black if need be.

I had some trouble illustrating metal and this is my plea for a class on this topic! :)

Lastly, thank you, Barbel, for this amazing class and your effort to teach us this magical way of illustrating.


Mixed Media Artist