Newborn Girl

Newborn Girl - student project

First, thank you for this class. I found it just at the right time and decided to give it a shot :)

As I wanted to shoot within the first 10 days after birth, there was not much time to prepare or go prop shopping, so I just used whatever I found at home: Blankets, a basket, fur, the bow is made of wrapping band and a tiny wrapping bow. 

(putting a heating pack under the pillows and blankets was great advice. Nevertheless, the parents didn’t want to take off the clothes because they knew she would cry).

As for the look, I decided to go for a soft and beige-y look.

I couldn’t believe how tiny a newborn actually is, so I tried to capture this by adding hands for a comparison of size:


Also, I wanted to capture a crying moment and was quite happy, when a second after, the face changed and I ended up with the same picture but with a different feel:


My focus for the shoot was the baby itself, so I didn’t give much planning to pictures with the family. In the situation though, I decided it would be a nice idea and great a great memory for the parents. When the new grandpa heard about the photoshoot, he came over too and was very excited to have his picture taken. The new grandma joined him.


Some more photos, trying out different angles and perspectives:

For me, it was a great experience and I like the results. The new mother gave me wonderful feedback and reportedly had tears in her eyes, which made my day. I'd love to hear your opinion!