New sketchbook and 365 challenge!

New sketchbook and 365 challenge! - student project

The beginning of this year (2017) I committed myself to a 365 a sketch a day challenge and even created an instagram account just for that purpose (365asketchaday). I have little experience with sketching and even less experience with watercolor. My wish is just to be more creative in my every day life, to play with color and have an excuse for all the art supplies I keep on buying (and not using- until now! Ha!).

But, after just a couple of days of unenthusiastic scribbling, my 365 challenge felt to me more like forced than fun. And I was not happy with my sketches.. at all!

So, I was looking for inspiration on how to have more fun and found this great class!! :-) I really enjoyed watching the flip through of Ohn Mar's sketchbooks! So awesome, so inspiring, so cute! I loved especially the pen on watercolor sketches.

I decided that I should stay small and get a new, cute and small (!) notebook (I actually bought three... perfect excuse for my art supply addiction :-)...). With the smaller format I now feel much better with my 365 challenge. I decided that my new goal should be to just explore drawing and painting techniques and hopefully one day (maybe in 365? haha) to see some progress. And if not, it's fine too! As Ohn Mar says: be kind to yourself! :-)

Tomatoes 10/365

Limetime 11/365

12/365 Radishes

14/365 Clementines

15/365 Birdie

17/365 Trees

18+19/365 Avocados

20/365 Favorite cup made in USSR

21/365 Egg mugs

23/365 Headphone love

25/365 Bottle of olive oil