New York Glitched

New York Glitched - student project

I loved this class and this is the first class motivated me enough to upload a project. I went through my phone and find this recently taken picture of Word Trade Center. I just want to explore the techniques learned from this class. 

Image was so dark and i want to add some colors so after adding some vibrant gradients overplayed in Photoshop i got to this.


I really loved how this glitch effect works on type and i was excited to try it. Composed the type and add a bit texture according to the image.


Printed the type and image separately and started scanning it. Combined and experimented different techniques from class the result was quite amazing. 









After scanning i experimented with combining different text scan on to different image and this is the result.

Thank You for this class. It was really awesome.


I really loved this class and it kept me motivated to do more with different type compositions and images. I am posting some of them.