My project

My project - student project

My name is Shelby, and I was going on journey at Salt Lake City Utah. Shelby was in t-shirt and blue jeans. She wanted to go to zoo on the way their she found a donkey with no ears.  She got very sad and worried because the donkey couldn’t hear you. So she went into the zoo and came pass a handsome prince wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans. His name was John. He was alethic and skinny and he told Shelby to not go by the donkey ears in gift shop. But she wanted to found donkey ears for donkey to hear again, but she did not listen to John. She saw a couple yelling at each other by donkey ears. She went to pick up the donkey ears, and told john nothing had happen to me till that min. She started yelling at john, so she dropped the donkey ears and ran out crying but she liked john a whole lot. So john picked up the donkey ears and wants to throw the away. John started yelling at a couple by the trash can.  Couple next day he was worried about the girl name Shelby. So he hadn’t seen her few a while. So the next day she came back to the zoo and apologizes to john, but he knew she like him. He asked her if she was okay and she said yes she was fine. So he asked her out that night to go to fantasy restaurant. She said yes, and she was talking about donkey couldn’t hear on their date. So they went to go check out the donkey that night it was laying down and not breathing. So he went to tell the zoo people the donkey was died right outside of the zoo. But now they were a couple and she was very excited she meet john on journey to the zoo. So couple years later they got married and had their future in plan. But Shelby was very organized, and john was disorganized. So it didn’t work out for them two long. So they broke up, and she was very sad and depressed for a while but she couldn’t ask for help. One day another boy name James and went to check on her and said are you okay. She said no, I just lost my handsome solider name John. The he realized she needs help so he took her to this place where she could say for a few nights. When she got out she doing good, till she ran into John. John was sad and divested. He really likes her a lot so they work it out. So now they are dating again and realize they need to set boundaries, so he work on to keep his stuff organize and he was very happen to learned about keep thing organized is where you can keep up with thing instead of have it clutter. So one day they went to church together as a couple. Couple more years they were married again and want to have two children.   Shelby was pregnant with one when they got married second time. So they went back to check on the donkey that night as married couple and realized the donkey was just sleeping that day so they went to found him some ears that were not curse. They did and put them on him, and the donkey was so happy to hear again.  The first child was born in March 2002. The second child was born in 2005 in September. So they were few years apart but they watch their kids grew up.  One of them is now in freshman at valley mill high school and the other one is a seventh grade valley mills middle school. So they couple had not a long time to spend together because they were helping their kids with homework. One day the oldest child said go out on a date you been help us for a while it your turn to go enjoy their day.  So the oldest child watches the younger child and she was babysitting her a lot now. They were both girls.  There name were Sarah and Allison.  Sarah was the oldest and Alison was the youngest, when Sarah was in tenth grade a senior asked her out to prom. So that night she told her parents and they were suprisely shock when they found out her news.  That night of prom she couldn’t decide what to wear but the parent’s want to go somewhere and didn’t want her to go to prom because she could fall in love with him like when they first meet. So the parent told her she could go, but have to be home at a certain time to watch Allison. So now the guy name is Jacob and Sarah were dating, and they were went to spend most of the time together. He was controlling her and said she couldn’t babysit her little sister. So she broke up him, because her family came first. They whole family was worried about Sarah, because that was her first broken heart. Then that Sunday, she got out of bed and said can we go to church like a family. So they did and didn’t know Jacob went to the same church. She saw him, but was too upset to responded back.  But the parents are leader of life group for high and middle school students. So they join life group. The youngest meet a guy name Jason at one of life group, him and her oldest sister went to the same school. He told her she like her a lot, but don’t know how to say in a nice away to her. So he got up and went scream out the door when the older sister walking in. He asked the little sister what was that about and she told her nothing. But he told the youngest sister something, so every time she goes passed him he smells so handsome. So she was fall in love with him like the first one again. The younger sister didn’t tell her that because she would spend all her time with him. But the younger sister was their behind the older they were having conservation and the little sister interrupt and said it emergency. I didn’t tell you this but I been hiding something from you but I thought you would spend more time with him then your younger sister.  The older sister goes why you were thinking like that. I would spend every day with you before I get in a serious relationship. That night Jason asked her out to the dance and the younger sister said to go have fun because she really likes Jason better than Jacob. So couple years later they were both a senior and they were in a serious relationship. One day her parent need to her to watch Allison. So she told her Jason just asked her out but she remember tell then little sister she came first, so when the parents left without permission the boyfriend came into their house because the little sister was cool. But the little girl was sleeping when they parent spot the boy in their house kissing on the oldest girl. The oldest girl got in trouble for a week because she didn’t ask her parent to invited him in to there house. So they were mad, but the next date then married couple went to, she had learned her lesson. So she asked her parents, if the little sister is cool with it can I invited him over. They told her yes but make sure this house is organized before we get home.  So the little sister really like him, he was playing with her. So after the little girl went to sleep they kissed and said good night, so he walked out of the house.  The girl was organized everything back in the living room like it was. So they adult married couple saw their oldest get married to Jason. When Jacob suprisely show up that day and said please forgive me and I told your younger sister a lot of mean and hurtful things. I just want to be with you. She told him, it was too late. She found the guy, she want to married too and that love her little sister.  So that my family had miracle journey to go on