My new swatches sketchbook

My new swatches sketchbook  - student project

After the course I started a new swatches sketchbook, and I have to say this have been so much much fun

I'm using a notebook I had lying at home that I didn't know what to use for

The first page is one of my favorites color combination, the one that remind me of Greece and the see: blue and white with red... The image is from a search I made on google images. The rest of the images are from magazines.

Since my main way of drawing is with markers, I'm trying to find the colors of the palette among the ones I already have at home. Those numbers and letter are for remembering which one I used.


The image above is one of my favorites pages of the sketchbook so far



The colors of the image at the right made me think of an Ikat pattern

Now I'm thinking of using more mediums like watercolors... The downside of it is that my notebook have just photocopy paper and I don't think it will hold much water. I'm still trying to figure out a way


Thank you for tha class it was really fun !!!