My name, my project

My name, my project - student project

Hello everybody!

I am really glad you enroll in my class. As I told you in the video I discovered Quilling last Spring in my trip to Argentina (this is where I am from, my mother tongue is Spanish), so as I was telling you before, I was in a Kids Museum where they had a lot of interesting things and one this was A QUILLING SPACE.

After learning the basic in the museum, we came back home and started practicing with my kids with out knowing that the name of the techniche was Quilling. This is when I learnt "the secrets of quillig".

We made tons of things with kids and everyone that discovered wants to try it, so I said to myself, lets share it in SKILLSHARE.

Well the first thing is to make the name and print it twice.

The second step is to Edge the letters

Last and the fun part is to Play and Place the Ornaments

and the project it is finished!!!

Thanks a lot!


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