My name & Spanish pangram

My name & Spanish pangram - student project

Hi, Doris! Hi, creative pals & Happy New Year!

I began this 2018 picking up my pen and now I'm sharing my first project for this class and my response to the challenge that Doris sent us, a pangram. I have to say that I loved it. 

I wanted to create a pangram with a Mexican taste, so I began with the original Nahuatl name for the Poinsettia: Cuetlaxóchitl. In México, some people use a name in original languages. My own name, Eréndira, in purépechan language means "woman that smiles". Here´s the picture of my first project:

My name & Spanish pangram - image 1 - student project

And here is my pangram, made in Spanish with a couple of indigenous names. The English translation would be "Cuetlaxóchitl, Mexican girl, embroiders fine geraniums, violets, hyacinths and a Quetzal bird to Wendy Ku". As I was so excited about this challenge, I decided to illustrate it with a frame of the flowers and the bird mentioned trying to mimic, with short strokes, the stitched appearance of an embroidered work.

My name & Spanish pangram - image 2 - student project

It's fair to say thanks to Claire Picard, because after her class "Exploring Color. Create a Colour Inspiration Sketchbook", I feel confident enough to use colors in my work.

Thanks to everyone and Happy Creative New Year!

XOX Eréndira

Eréndira Espinosa