My first self portraits.

My first self portraits. - student project

Maureen thank you so much for creating this class. I was a sculptor and painter 15 years ago, but I had to leave the arts due to chronic pain in my hands. With this series I came to terms with my lost love of art and wanted to tell a story using my hands and face. I am a very private and shy person but I wanted my portrait to show all my imperfections: My crooked nose, pores, scars, droopy eye etc. In the end it's all me. I love the results and I feel much more confident now.  

For my process: I used 2 soft boxes which was a bit intimidating but incredibly easy to setup, it literally took me about 10 minutes to setup. I bought metallic make up and chocolate syrup online.  For some shots I used my feet and the remote control. It was a bit of a mess but I kind of knew that going in. So what I did is: I shot everything clean first, then applied the metallic paint then poured the chocolate. 

Thank you for your class. I look forward to your feedback. 

EDIT 1: I added my pre-photo creative process following Maureen's steps:

1. Read poems about pain

2. Listened to music:

twenty one pilots: Heathens (dark green blueish/gold orange saturated/black)
Dramatic light beams.

Kiara - Gold (black / gold / super blurry / bokeh / flares)
Dark leather / spikes / black lace / gold ring

Gessaffelstien - Pursuit ( Gold and black, dark suit, tie)

3. Researched imagery

4. Write ideas.

1. Introspection:
Deep hard feelings, strong, painful, powerful. Strength.

3. Main idea: Beauty in pain.
Caption: Chasm of power.
Vision: Dark, high contrast binary perception of strength.
Relentless. Animal, wild, unrestrained.

A) I enjoyed feeling music strongly.
B) The feelings where about adrenaline, and fast heart beat. intensity.

C) Contrast and decisiveness. I like grit, dirty, mess, broken