My (Somewhat) Cartoony Self

My (Somewhat) Cartoony Self - student project

Well...I didn't save any pictures of the process, but I think this lesson was fun and gave me some great tools for capturing likenesses. The process of breaking down the features into dominant angles and then drawing those first is going to really help me out, and I intend to keep practicing!

Here is my finished portrait. I didn't end up doing much with the background because my head takes up most of the space, but I'm overall pleased with how it turned out. I welcome feedback though!

The only thing I don't like is that the colors look muddy on my computer screen. They looked much more vibrant on my iPad. I don't know if my iPad compressed the image a lot when transferring to my PC, or if it's just a monitor calibration issue.

My (Somewhat) Cartoony Self - image 1 - student project


Update with a different background color:

My (Somewhat) Cartoony Self - image 2 - student project