My Skulls!!!

My Skulls!!! - student project

Here are all my skulls from the class. I can't wait to see yours!


Here is the proportion sheet. This is downloadable in the class project (along with the ebook!!)

My Skulls!!! - image 1 - student project


1. Basic Proportion Sketches

My Skulls!!! - image 2 - student project


2. Monoline Illustration Style Skulsl

My Skulls!!! - image 3 - student project


3. Creative Exercise - Drawing Wrong Handed

My Skulls!!! - image 4 - student project


4. SugarSkull

My Skulls!!! - image 5 - student project


5. Silly / Cartoon Skulls

My Skulls!!! - image 6 - student project


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Thanks everyone!!

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