My Sewing Super Hero Logos

My Sewing Super Hero Logos - student project

I really enjoyed making my super hero logos!  I love to sew, so I knew my super power would have something to do with sewing.  I made 3 different logos – mainly to get some practice using Illustrator (because I still struggle with it), and because it was fun! 


My first logo: I drew the sewing machine and scissors, and used a font called Harrington.  I like how the font goes with the antique sewing machine.  

My Sewing Super Hero Logos - image 1 - student project


My second logo: I drew a boxy, modern sewing machine.  I made a block letter font using an add-on for Illustrator called Fontself (really fun!)  I thought it went well with the boxy machine - but maybe this logo is a little masculine.  Maybe it would help if I added color.  

My Sewing Super Hero Logos - image 2 - student project


My third logo: A more simple logo, again using the Harrington font.  (I like that font!)  I learned how to make the needle in another Skillshare class (by Helen Bradley).  I love being able to use previous knowledge and building on my Illustrator skills.  My Sewing Super Hero Logos - image 3 - student project

I'm actually really pleased with all three logos!  While they don't have a classic super hero look, they are personal to me and represent my "super power"! 


What a fun class!  I really enjoyed it and it gave me some good practice using Illustrator.  I’d highly recommend this class to anyone – not only because it was full of good information – but because Faye’s presentation was so entertaining and enjoyable! 

Off to save the stitch at a time!  

My Sewing Super Hero Logos - image 4 - student project