My Reliefe

My Reliefe - student project

Hello, my intake from this class and the theme that really had my thoughts flow, is the journaling to surrender, for I only can move on with my life in every aspect is when surrendering my more than a decade_______.

The blank above, is what I need to surrender, but it is imposible for me to do so, for people will judge it as not making sense at all, or this choice is not going to happwn for you, for it is ambarresing and shamefull, on the other hand, I'm in a prison, the door is open for me to be free, but I'm forbided to get my freedom. Surrendering also is not only giving up on people or things, but confesing that we are weak and have no control over everything in this life, and God is who's going to give us the peace to open up our eyes to new people and things, after we surrendered the old/past people/things.