My Nephew's Newborn Photos

My Nephew's Newborn Photos - student project


Two years ago, I took a few photos of my own son as a newborn, while I also had some professionally taken. 


My sister asked me to take newborn photos of her son when we were in town for Christmas, because she liked the photos I posted on Instagram of my son (now two).  Her baby was about a month and a week old, so not exactly a "newborn," but I found this class and watched all the videos twice! I knew she would have "Pinterest-level" expectations, and I only broke out my DSLR for special occasions, so I'd need a lot of help. Thanks to this class, I had the right tools and props and knew what to do!

I'm amazed and thrilled by how well the photos turned out! They're exactly what I was hoping for, and my sister will be over the moon. 

Thank you so much for this class!