My First Misty Forest

My First Misty Forest - student project

I'm learning to use watercolors, and it's pretty evident from this project that I need to work on layering. I think the darker set of mountains are too dark, and the background trees fade in too much. The speckling isn't quite as bad in person as it is in the photo, but I still don't like it. I'm not sure if the paint, the paper, or my technique is to blame. I'm almost certain it's the technique, though. When I realized the mountains were too dark, I tried to lift some of the paint off (which sort of worked), but it was already almost dry. That's when the speckling really showed up. I guess lifting off almost-dry paint is a no-no?

I'll probably try this project again with a desaturated blue and see if I can improve the layering. Thanks for the class!