My Email and Presentation Deck Examples

My Email and Presentation Deck Examples - student project

I have a couple of email "templates" that I return to again and again, but after I wrote this one when a client wasn't sure what their budget or needs were, I've found myself using it more than ever. It shows how I was able to incorporate my personality without sacrificing effective communication. I hope you all are able to do the same thing (except inserting your own personality ;)

I also use a few standard templates when presenting my work to potential or current clients. Here is the intro page I used for a recent project with Adidas:

I make sure to include an intro line so they know it's the first page of the deck, the project title, which revision it is, and a sentence or two about what they'll be seeing to make sure we're all on the same page.

Each visual presentation page within the deck has the same layout so they can focus on the work, and not worry about trying to reorient themselves every time I send them something new:

Art goes on the left, explanation on the right, and project info is along the bottom of every page. Here, I also mentioned a more complex direction we could go in if budget allows, which kept expectations clear while still giving them options. 

I also always include a final page that just says the presentation is over, so they know for sure they're not missing anything and they've seen everything I sent them.

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