My 1st Instagram Sticker Pack

My 1st Instagram Sticker Pack - student project

Full disclosure - I derailed quickly and did my animations through Procreate because it was late and I didn't want to hook up my noisy scanner and wake up my kids. BUT I really appreciated the walk through of Abode tools and want to use this approach in future projects. 

Here is the final set I came up with! You  can follow me for more @jillianailsa on Insta. 

A note about joining Giphy - since I was a new user, I couldn't sign up for an artist account right away. I believe you have to have 6 uploads before you can  request an artist account. Without an artist account you can't set a PG rating either - I'm hoping I can retroactively do that one I get approved. 

Update: Got my artist account today. I couldn’t add or adjust a rating on my GIFs retroactively, so I ended up deleting and reuploading them so I could add the G rating. They showed up almost immediately in my searches after that. Just including this note in case it’s helpful to anyone else new to Giphy. 

Original sketches.



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