Mountains - student project

I enjoyed this class and project very much! It's always fun to learn new Illustrator skills and ways to simplify your processes. I've always felt pretty comfortable using the pen tool, but tend to use a lot of anchor points. I definitely noticed a difference with the smoothness of my curves as I used less. Thanks for the tips and easy-to-follow tutorials. 

Here is my original sketch. I like to add descenders to letters that typically would not have them to make the word look more interesting. 

Mountains - image 1 - student project

I think I stayed pretty close to my original sketch, minus a few changes with the "s" and "t". I found it somewhat challenging to keep all my bezier handles horizontal and somehow managed to do so until the very end.

Mountains - image 2 - student project

I kept the final version nice and simple since I was short on time. Hopefully I'll be in the mountains soon enough. 

Mountains - image 3 - student project

Ashley Kukulski

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