Modern Poster Art

Modern Poster Art - student project

 I guess you have all seen those inspiring posters on pinterest, with statues and geometric shapes. This is where I got my inspiration from, and of course, I needed to add my touch to it with the color, typography and all the other playful elements.



This Tutorial will be a guide for you to start using photoshop tools in a creative way. This is the kind of tutorial that will make you think ''oh, how didn't I think about that before'' . There are tools that you may use everyday, but by the end of this course, you will be able to find different ways to use those photoshop tools, in a creative and playful way. WATCH TUTORIAL HERE



We will start by creating patterns, geometric shapes and gradients. Then we will create a simple composition by adding a statue and we will play around with the color adjusements. I will help you to find resources so you can add that extra touch on your poster by adding small details to create a dynamic artwork.
You will need only PHOTOSHOP to create these posters.




Visual Artist