Model From Project 3-1 With Mixamo Animation

Model From Project 3-1 With Mixamo Animation - student project

The model is from unit 11, project 3-1.  I wasn't able to upload rig from next project into Mixamo, so I used Mixamo's rigging system.  The animation is from Mixamo.  I imported the model and animation into Unity3D and filmed with the Next Gen Recorder.  I then edited and converted to an animated gif using Premiere Pro.

Here's the model that Mixamo rigged.  Note it is different from the model made from project 3-1 which is shown below.  It seemed to fatten the model up making it look more like a mesh modeled character rather than a one made from the skin modifier.


The cover image is a still of the character from Unity.  The head is a bit misshapen, but the overall it looks less like an extraterrestrial and more human. 

Is there a way to easily do something like this in Blender?  I tried playing with the solidify modifier, but wasn't able to do that improved the original.

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