Mimmo Jodice photo collage - PhotoSpiralysis App

Mimmo Jodice photo collage - PhotoSpiralysis App - student project

Mimmo Jodice's pictures in a combined blended layers collage+PhotoSpiralysis App

For who wants to know Mimmo Jodice is born in Naples where he lives and works. His name is well known in the history of Contemporary Photography. I'd like to suggest you his web site (Google him and you will find  lot of images and references), but don't forget that all his images have copyright restrictions, so you can use them only for your fun and not for commercial use. Enjoy and

Cheers from Italy!!!


Mimmo Jodice Picture

Mimmo Jodice Picture

Collage and framed

Photospiralys effect app

Final result

Altered & MixedMedia Artist Jewelry maker/designer