Maptastic! - student project

***Hand Drawn Map***

This is my hand drawn map of my journey to work; drawn on a banana.  It is inspired by linear maps and your average train route map. I've tried to annotate the map with the things of interest along the way, and also the timings (minutes from home) and the transport mode. Why the banana? Well simply I had it to hand (I was on my commute) and I've always loved the way a biro writes onto banana skin - if you haven't tried it I highly recommend it! :)


So I'm still coming to terms with the surprise appreciation and love for my humble banana map. Alas my thoughts are now turning to how to follow it up with the actual project - and I don't mind admiting I'm a little concerned that that Ive managed to out-do myself with my previous effort.. so what next? An apple carefully nibbled in to a globe? 

No, I've decided to move away from fruit and into the Ukraine......

What I'm really interested in is creating a map base around the changing names of cities. What really got me thinking about this was the They Might Be Giants song; Istanbul (not Constantinople) and to produce a map which helps convey the story of how cities in a country have changed their name, shaped usually by the changing political and cultural landscapes.  

So why the Ukraine? Well simply I wanted to limit my map to certain country (as opposed to the entire globe) and I needed to find a country where there were quite a few name changes of  through history (Wikipedia was useful here!) . I don't know much about the Ukraine either - so it'll be a great way to find out more.

I've got a few ideas and 'visions' for this map drifting through my head and I'll start to lay them out over the next few days......