Making a Space

Making a Space - student project

I enjoyed this short class by Simon Van Booy very much. He is really a writer's advocate; I appreciate his supportive attitude that writing is about you, the writer. Earlier this year I had a one-on-one mentoring session with him by phone and found it very helpful!

In terms of making space for the writing practice, I have come to realize that I work best in a serene environment. I have chosen glass for my desk surface because it gives me a sense of clarity and it is easy to see when it gets dirty. While my morning coffee is brewing I clean the glass so I always sit down to a sparkling desk top. I have learned to not keep my bills and other distractions on my desk because they are just that, distractions. If I start getting distracted, I clean the desk and this seems to calm my mind. After attending this class, I understand better the reasons why it is so important to create the individual's customized writing environment.

The other step I am going to work on is the sketching to stay inspired. I have many visual inspirations but I have not organized them in one place. That's my next project.

Thank you, Simon!