Make & Sell Scrapbook Designs

Make & Sell Scrapbook Designs - student project

Ever since I started my creative journey, I’ve dreamed of using my doodles to create digital papers and elements to give away, or even to sell. Therefore, this class had a profound effect on me. Maybe I’ll actually be able to achieve my dream one day! 

I really enjoyed the class - I’ve watched it several times, absorbing all the great information.

So, here’s my image for marketing materials. I used & recolored the quatrefoil pattern created in another Photoshop for Lunch class. I created a bunch of stripes, but only used 2 of them in this image. And I used the flower pattern and bird, birdcage and flower elements created in the Illustrator for Lunch class.

 All of these “For Lunch” classes are coming together so nicely to help me. I’m so thrilled and amazed by how much I’ve learned in these classes.

Helen, would it be OK to post my little scrapbooking kit as a freebie on my website? I’d put a link to this Skillshare class there as well. (Not that many people are looking at my website…but maybe eventually! Gotta start somewhere!)

Thank you a million times for your classes!