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Maelyn's Newsletter Project - student project

Email Subject: What's Your Unfair Advantage?


What is an unfair advantage? Your "unfair advantage" is the skill you have that is your unique talent. But talent is not unique. That’s true. If you can sing, so can others. So how can you have a unique talent then? Your unique experiences make your skills and talent unique.


I’ll give you an example. After working in the BPO industry for almost a decade, I left the corporate world in 2016. So I looked for jobs online, targeting jobs that need customer service skills. I didn’t want to pay for any training – I just wanted to start as soon as possible. Since I have years of call center experience, I used that as a leverage. At the time, virtual assistants were, and still are in demand. 


When I send proposals for customer service jobs, I always mention my BPO experience because I know that this will get me prioritized over other applicants. This is my unfair advantage.


And here’s a pro tip: you can customize your unfair advantage! What does that mean? If a client’s business is in the healthcare industry, I make sure to mention that I’m a nurse. Aside from my BPO experience, I can take advantage of my nursing profession and use my knowledge of medical terms to answer customer inquiries. Voila! If the client already narrowed down the number of applicants to three and all of us have BPO experience, who do you think will get a better shot at getting an interview?


I hope what I shared serves as motivation for you to stop thinking that you don’t have skills to start working as a freelancer. Use your past experience as leverage. Even your college degree can be your unfair advantage. Remember: It will only be an advantage if you use it. 


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