MOMA Goal #1 - Structuring my Teaching

MOMA Goal #1 - Structuring my Teaching - student project


Hi! Thanks so much for this training! I'm really excited by it.


I start teaching a college course on Tuesday, and (gulp) I still haven't written my syllabus yet. Filling out this MOMA worksheet has helped me realize that it's not really the syllabus itself I want, but rather the structure that will come from having such a document. Creating the document isn't the end goal itself, but rather being able to teach confidently without scrambling from week to week, and the document is necessary to do that. So, here's my MOMA sheet, and hopefully I will finish creating the syllabus by the end of this weekend! (because I teach on Tuesday!)


MOMA Goal #1 - Structuring my Teaching - image 1 - student project


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