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MC Sound Studio - student project

MC Sound Studio - image 1 - student project     This picture shows my first step complete, the desk faces the shortest wall in the room. I now have more than ten feet in from of the sound desk. 

    I have been collecting music equipment for years. Now, that there is an available room in my house a sound studio is possible. I have a DAW, studio desk, instruments and in the process of setting up. Thanks to Skill Shares "How to set up a Music Studio", I have a list of thing I need to complete. The desk needs to be turned a different direction, upgrade the microphone, buy a midi keyboard, headphones, purchase a vocal reflector, install large acoustic panels, put bass traps in the corners, plug up my DAW controller, plug up my pad condoler, and connect with peers. Since I have become self-employed I have room in my life for new horizons. I enjoy owning a business that provides. I want to be on Sound Cloud with mixes and videos. My Sound Studio should be as big as can be!MC Sound Studio - image 2 - student project No space, the desk was facing the longest wall in the room with four feet in front of the desk. I had put this project together without any guidance. 

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